We offer an exciting range of ‘bush and beach’ holidays. Imagine  a wildlife safari vacation that also include relaxing time at one of Africa’s best beach destinations. Our most loved bush and beach itineraries offer a visit to a variety of the national parks and reserves in Tanzania and then ends of with a good time at the coast of the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Going on a bush and beach vacation is like having two holidays in one, and they both complement each other extremely well. Going on safari is exciting and can also be a little exhausting so why not then have some time to relax in total bliss on a beautiful beach.  It will give you some time to embed those mental memories of your African safari – so you will never forget it.

If you are coming on a honeymoon vacation and have some very specific requirements to make this time an unforgettable romantic experience, let is know, we are more than happy to work with you to create a fully customized and unique Tanzanian honeymoon experience.

You can Zanzibar beach holiday package, which are tailored to your exact needs and requests. Keep in mind, the cost of accommodations can really add to the cost and we will work with you to keep the costs as low as possible with acceptable if not optimal accommodation which we can try to negotiate in our full package offerings.

Want to know what to expect on a beach holiday come have a look!