Tanzania offers unique opportunities for families with children to see a vast array of wildlife in its native environment; beautiful landscapes with its vast plains, lakes, magnificent mountains, and tropical forests.  We also provide a rich cultural experience that will take you to native tribes whose customs have been practiced for thousands of years.

African Safari Agency recommends a minimum age of 7 years for children.  We have specially designed safari packages that take into consideration the age of the child or children.  We make an intentional effort to design educational adventures that include walking and climbing activities.  Our guides will also make special effort to explain and educate to the children about the wildlife and even spoil them with some local children stories about the animal kingdom.  We also make sure the accommodation is suitable, safe and comfortable for children. We create family vacation experiences that will never be forgotten.

If you have one or more children or come either as one or more families, let us know when you initially contact us with any relevant information. We will be very happy to put together a safari package (wildlife and/or beach) that will include one or multiple events at our child friendly accommodation.

Go look at our Safari Page to get an idea of the Safari destinations that available, we will create a child friendly experience for your family.