The United Republic of Tanzania has a very rich and vast cultural diversity with over 120 distinct ethnic groups comprising our current population. Its people are very friendly and proud of this diversity. There are several cultural heritage sites spread throughout the country where you can spend one to several days visiting and interacting with individual groups as well as encountering the natural beauty, including rain forests, tropical waterfalls, and magnificent views of the vast grazing plain, wildlife and mountains of Tanzania. Your cultural tour will directly support the village helping it to become more self-sufficient along with preservation of its indigenous culture and environmental conservation.

Africa Safari Agency invites you to meet and experience these individual groups with our special tours guided by native Tanzanians. These visits will provide memorable experiences and understanding for you and our individual ethnic groups that include the Chagga, Meru, Hadzabe, Babati and Hanang, Engaruka, Ilkiding’a,Longido, Machame, Mamba and Marangu, Mto wa Mbu, Western Usambara  and off course the Masai.

Please contact us and we will do our best to make your cultural visit to Tanzania the most memorable vacation of your life.