What should I pack when I plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Personal items

  • Waterproof hiking boots-1
  • Polypro long underwear (top &bottom)-2
  • Polypro shirt, sock liners-2each
  • Tennis shoes or light hikers-1
  • Wool or polypro socks-heavyweights-5
  • Hiking shorts-2
  • Hiking pants/fleece pants-1
  • Water/wind-proof (GoreTex) shell jacket-1
  • Insulated rain/wind (GoreTex) climbing plants-1
  • Wool or fleece gloves-medium weight-1
  • Wind/waterproof glove –heavy weights-1
  • Wool or synthetic stocking cap-windproff-1
  • Gaiters- 1, sunglasses-1
  • Sun hat -1, balaclava-1
  • Walking stick-1 pair
  • Expedition pack or duffel bag-1
  • Daypack-1
  • Sleeping bag(rated to 0⁰F)) -1
  • Headlamp (flashlight) and spare bulb-1
  • Camp towel-1
  • Pocket knife-1
  • 1 litre water bottle-4
  • Sunblock (30+SPF), sunblock lip balm and hand cream-1
  • Large plastic garbage bags and ziploc storage bags of various size-1
  • Light weight toilet articles-toothbrush and paste, floss, hand and face cleansers-1
  • Extra batteries – 6
  • Travel wallet-1
  • Camera-1
  • Energy bars, electrolyte powder and snacks (energy gel/gu is the best for summit day) 2 per day

First Aid Kit

  • Cipro (Gl, ciprofloxacin antibiotic)- 1 dose or more
  • Diamox (altitude)- dose headache medicine (Ibuprofen) – as needed
  • Imodium (diarrhea medicine) as needed
  • Pepto or Antacid (Rolaids) rolls (stomach acid medicine) – as needed
  • Flu/sinus medicine – as needed
  • Band-Aids- as needed
  • Moleskin for blisters-at least 3 sheets

As Kilimanjaro can be rainy, please carry a waterproof jacket and pants in your daypack. Good waterproof hiking shoes are necessary for each day of hiking and, most importantly, the final summit day.

We place your gear bag in a waterproof bag after you arrive at the gate. We recommend packing your sleeping bag and clothing inside plastic ziploc bags in case of heavy downpours.

In addition to your gear bag, please pack a daypack to carry during the hike each day. We recommend carrying the following items in your daypack:

  • rain gear
  • 2-4 liters of water
  • camera
  • lunch
  • extra fleece jacket
  • passport and money

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