What is the weather like in Tanzania?

Most of East Africa is savannah, comparable to the high plateau, semi-desert areas of Colorado or New Mexico in the US. Altitude ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 feet (Kilimanjaro climbers will experience much higher altitudes). Temperatures during the day range from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Nights are cool with temperature dipping as low as 40 in some areas for example: the Ngorongoro Crater.

Even though you will be traveling near the equator, please take our clothing recommendation seriously and bring a light jacket/ sweatshirt, sweater, and a fleece pullover for the temperature drops at night and bring something warm to sleep in at night. Humidity is low. The islands experience tropical weather and are generally hot/ humid during the day and warm at night, except during the rainy season when it is cool (but not cold).

Late March – late May: is traditionally the long rainy season. This period is considered the “winter period” in Tanzania.

June – late October: is the dry season, June, July and August can be very cold on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater. The islands are lovely at this time of the year; the evenings are cool (not cold) and the day time hot.

Late October – mid December: is when the short rains occur. This tends to be in the form of a daily thunderstorm. The Ngorongoro Crater rim has a wonderful climate at this time of year. The Serengeti and Lake Manyara are very warm and the Islands are very hot.

Mid December – March: is summer weather. It is dry and very warm until March. Due to its altitude Ngorongoro Crater is much cooler than elsewhere.


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