How does your pricing work?

Our trips use tiered pricing based on logistics. Getting people into remote areas where the best game viewing exists is more costly when there are only two people in the safari vehicle (4×4), rather than four or five, the results in lower pricing for four or five people traveling together as opposed to pricing for a couple traveling alone. Also, the logistics of moving gear around for a walking safari with numerous bush camps is more complicated and more costly than a trip that involves simply staying at a lodge. Our pricing structure is tiered so you pay for the costs of your safari and don’t subsidize other groups.

Our trips have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you that, in addition you have to pay your park fees or in-country transportation is extra (when quoted in the itinerary). When we quote you a trip price it includes everything while you are in-country. The few items not included are gratuities, passports and visa fees, tips and beverages except for bottled water as noted in the itineraries.

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