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Africa Safari Agency knows the Tanzanian mountains and safari parks like we know the back of our hands. It is our mission and absolute pleasure to create tours and accompany clients on their exploration of this beautiful county. We take the utmost pride and care to offer you the most unique and memorable experiences that Tanzania has to offer at an exceptionally competitive price with as much comfort and safety as possible.

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Safari Camping

Safari Camping

We offer unique camping safaris to all major national parks in Northern Tanzania. We can accommodate you in any type of camping scenario that you fancy, in a variety of parks with tours to suit your desires.

Day Trip Safaris

Day Trip Safaris

African Safari Agency proudly offers four different one-day wildlife safaris beginning with an early morning pickup at your hotel in the cities of Arusha or Moshi or several of the lodges between Karatu and Arusha.

Family Safaris

Family Safaris

We can tailor unique opportunities for families with children to see a vast array of wildlife in its native environment. It is an ideal opportunity to let your children have fun while learning about nature, the Massai culture and its people, and wild animals in their native habitat.

Honeymoon Adventures

Honeymoon Adventures

We offer and exciting range of ‘bush and beach’ holidays, which consist of wildlife safari explorations that also include relaxation time at the beach. Zanzibar is one of the best beach destinations in Africa, an ideal place to celebrate your new life together! A romantic adventure that will truly give you a lifetime of fond memories

Kilimanjaro Excursions

Kilimanjaro Excursions

Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown jewel of Tanzania. With an altitude of 5,895m (19.340ft), it is the highest peak in Africa, the highest freestanding mountain in the world, and one of the largest volcanoes. Come let us show you.

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours

The United Republic of Tanzania has a very rich and vast cultural diversity with over 120 distinct ethnic groups comprising our current population. Its people are very friendly and proud of this diversity. They would love to welcome you in their village.


This is our team that will welcome you to Tanzania and let you have an unforgettable time.



Frank is the person steering Africa Safari Agency ensuring that all guests are feeling at home and assuring that they have the best ever African holiday. He holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Tourism. Not only does he have the charm and warmth of a true African host, he also has extensive knowledge of the tourist industry. He absolutely loves his home country Tanzania and knows it as well as his own backyard. Before founding Africa Safari Agency, he served on the management team of Kikobo Lodge supervising the daily and long-term operations of the lodge. He has a vast knowledge of lodges and other types of accommodations, the national parks, safaris and climbing excursions throughout the country and deeply enjoys putting together your holiday based on your needs and desires within your budget. With Robert's passion for people and his overall experience in the tourism industry and his unique ability to work with you, rest assured that you will have the most memorable vacation ever in the company of Africa Safari Agency.




Victor just absolutely love the mountains and with that he also love meeting new people. This makes him your go-to guy if you are planning to go to Mount Kilimanjaro. With 16 years of experience in the tourism industry it is hardly impossible for him to keep count of how many times he has visited the top of the highest mountain in Africa. Going for the top is truly his life mission! He has training in first aid, so you will be safe in his company going up the mountain. He also has training in wildlife management so you will enjoy his stories and explanations of the wild as wildlife conservation is very close to his heart. He will also tell you, when you meet him, that guiding has made him who is and that he has the best job in the world. Victor will ensure that you have an amazing experience conquering the highest mountain in Africa, creating unforgettable memories.




Steward is the one that will drive you to all the amazing locations and make the road feel short with all the interesting stories he can share about Tanzania. He is extremely familiar with all the parks in northern Tanzania and know the best places to take you to experience those magic moments in the African bush. He can also tell you all about the animals as you see them whilst on a Safari trip, as he not only has grown up in that environment and has vast indigenous knowledge, he also has been trained in wildlife management and conservation. He is also trained in first aid. Steward has more than 9 years of experience in the tourism industry and this career suits him just perfect as he absolutely loves meeting new people from around the world, sharing new ideas and making friends. It is his greatest joy to see that guests are having a wonderful time in the company of Africa Safari Agency.




Nicholous is the dynamic and energetic one that will go out of his way to plan and organize the perfect holiday that you've always been dreaming about. He got his training at the Serengeti KIBO guide camps and has already 5 years of experience in organizing personalized Tanzanian holidays. He prides himself in the fact that all arrangements are always done in time with the best possible deal available. If asked why people should go with Africa Safari Agency, he will quickly tell you that it is because it's a well established agency with a team of professionals who work hard to ensure that your holiday experience will be one that always bring back a smile when you think back on it.


Africa Safari Agency

Africa Safari Agency was founded by Frank Robert fulfilling his career goal of offering a uniquely memorable vacation experience/adventure within his native country of Tanzania. Frank was born in Arusha and raised in the small towns of Moshi and Arusha. From a young age he frequently visited the major safaris destinations and climbing areas of northern Tanzania occasionally serving as a guide for vacationers. Since 2011, he has served as the General Manager for the Kiboko Lodge supervising the daily and long-term operations of the lodge, providing supervision and employment training for troubled boys in a program sponsored by the Watoto Foundation Tanzania. He also interacts with his clientele at the lodge providing input and schedules for wildlife safaris and climbing excursions for Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru. Africa Safari Agency's mission is to provide clients with the absolute best experience in wildlife safaris and/ or climbing excursions that Tanzania has to offer at an affordable price with as much comfort and safety as possible. All office personnel and guides are native to Tanzania. Africa Safari Agency is committed to offering training and living wages to all their employees and to support their local community growth and development. They are also dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the environment that is so unique to their country. We look forward to working with you and will do our best to make your visit to Tanzania the most memorable vacation of your life.

Agency Info

  •   +255 765 688 550
  •  P.O Box 16978, Arusha - Tanzania, East Africa Arusha Tanzania

Client Testimonies

Great daytrip to Arusha National Park with African Safari Agency On saturday 22nd of July I went with two friends to the Arusha National Park for a daytrip. We wanted to do a hike near the Mount Meru and after searching on tripadvisor, we landed on the site of this agency, which was just what we needed. They promise the arrangement of any trip to the national parks, as close to your budget as possible. After sending our request in the contact form, we got a very quick answer with the different possibilities we could do, the total price and the price of each option included (entrance fee, car fee, activity in the park, gas for the car, etc.). You can choose for an optional lunch for 7 USD. A pick up and drop off from your stay was possible without any extra charges when close to Arusha. So, as you can see, service was absolutely exquisite. Eventually we did a walking safari and a game drive for 140 USD pp. Only 60 USD from this amount goes to the agency, so the park itself is pretty expensive. A bottle of 0,5l pp is included. We did not choose for lunchboxes. Despite the bad weather, our guide did his very best to give us a great experience in this small park (compared to the others). He took his time to explain a lot of things and stopped as long as we wanted near the animals. It was a great day, especially because of the easy organization. They are very transparent. We would definitely recommend this agency!
Sari D

Sari D

Happy traveler!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that treveling to Africa, especially if it is your first time you might have plenty of questions.  We have tried to answer as many of them as possible.

All about Climbing Excursions (3)

Best months to climb Kilimanjaro are considered to be January to March and June to November.

Personal items

  • Waterproof hiking boots-1
  • Polypro long underwear (top &bottom)-2
  • Polypro shirt, sock liners-2each
  • Tennis shoes or light hikers-1
  • Wool or polypro socks-heavyweights-5
  • Hiking shorts-2
  • Hiking pants/fleece pants-1
  • Water/wind-proof (GoreTex) shell jacket-1
  • Insulated rain/wind (GoreTex) climbing plants-1
  • Wool or fleece gloves-medium weight-1
  • Wind/waterproof glove –heavy weights-1
  • Wool or synthetic stocking cap-windproff-1
  • Gaiters- 1, sunglasses-1
  • Sun hat -1, balaclava-1
  • Walking stick-1 pair
  • Expedition pack or duffel bag-1
  • Daypack-1
  • Sleeping bag(rated to 0⁰F)) -1
  • Headlamp (flashlight) and spare bulb-1
  • Camp towel-1
  • Pocket knife-1
  • 1 litre water bottle-4
  • Sunblock (30+SPF), sunblock lip balm and hand cream-1
  • Large plastic garbage bags and ziploc storage bags of various size-1
  • Light weight toilet articles-toothbrush and paste, floss, hand and face cleansers-1
  • Extra batteries – 6
  • Travel wallet-1
  • Camera-1
  • Energy bars, electrolyte powder and snacks (energy gel/gu is the best for summit day) 2 per day

First Aid Kit

  • Cipro (Gl, ciprofloxacin antibiotic)- 1 dose or more
  • Diamox (altitude)- dose headache medicine (Ibuprofen) – as needed
  • Imodium (diarrhea medicine) as needed
  • Pepto or Antacid (Rolaids) rolls (stomach acid medicine) – as needed
  • Flu/sinus medicine – as needed
  • Band-Aids- as needed
  • Moleskin for blisters-at least 3 sheets

As Kilimanjaro can be rainy, please carry a waterproof jacket and pants in your daypack. Good waterproof hiking shoes are necessary for each day of hiking and, most importantly, the final summit day.

We place your gear bag in a waterproof bag after you arrive at the gate. We recommend packing your sleeping bag and clothing inside plastic ziploc bags in case of heavy downpours.

In addition to your gear bag, please pack a daypack to carry during the hike each day. We recommend carrying the following items in your daypack:

  • rain gear
  • 2-4 liters of water
  • camera
  • lunch
  • extra fleece jacket
  • passport and money

 Items available for rent in Tanzania

All prices are for the duration of the climb. Mountaineering sleeping tents, mattresses and pillows are included in the price of your climb – dining tent as well as tables and chairs are also provided.

0 degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag: $35 each

Insulated jacket or Shell/insulated layer combination: $30 each

Walking stick (pair): $35 each

Jackets and pants: $15 each item

Hats, gloves, gaiters and balaclava: $10 each item